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Welcome to modern-day Saint-Jardé, France. A charming old-world village, nestled in the progress-resisting foothills of the southern French Alps.

When the priest dies under suspicious circumstances, the townspeople suspect the local Don — a Monte Carlo mob boss who has a villa in town. But when the Church sends a mysterious Envoy instead of a new priest, they suspect he’s a Vatican hit-man.

At the center of French Tango is Luc, a troubled 17-year-old who becomes swept up in Saint-Jardé’s chaos, and caught in multiple crosshairs. His goal was simply to make money — now it's simply to survive.

A miracle here. A body there. C'est la vie.

French Tango is an unconventional mystery novel combining humor, action, and tangled webs of suspicion. The plot is character driven with an emphasis on forward movement.

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