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The Yacht
The story references a Mangusta yacht. They were made in a variety of sizes, with different engines and luxury decor. The one in the book is probably an 80 foot Mangusta with the largest engines and a top speed of 49 knots. (Mangusta is Italian for mongoose. The mongoose is fast and agile enough to attack and kill venomous snakes.)

Here's an excellent video of a slightly larger 92 foot Mangusta:

616 Tattoo
The meaning of 616? The Oxyrhynchus Papyri shows us very early versions of the Book of Revelations where "the Beast" has the number 616. National Geographic 2005. So was 616 merely a typo in the early manuscript? Or did an ancient "editor" decide 666 was more memorable — and demonic?

More extras in the works.


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