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Book Club Topics

Why did Father Maarten climb the stairs? Was Father Maarten’s death an accident? Suicide? Murder? Or maybe something more complicated?

Rumors often take on a life of their own. Speculations about murder and identity abound in French Tango, often with very little actual evidence. To what extent is this small community’s response comparable to current societal conditions?

Many of the characters in French Tango are searching for God or their version of truth. Contrast Luc’s and Marcel’s different quests for enlightenment.

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Both Marie-Luce and Lorraine seem to have come to terms with their personally difficult circumstances. What factors do you think may have played a role in their adjustment?

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Was Le Moucheron’s concern for his father and his attempt to rescue him expected, given his father’s long-term abuse of his son?

How did the media's presence impact the townspeople?

What part does the setting of a small isolated French village play in this Mystery? If the story had been set in Paris instead, would the relationships and interactions be very different?

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What role did the humor play? How did it affect the way you thought about the characters

Were there any real miracles in the story? Explain.

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How did the younger people in the story show greater wisdom than many of the adult characters?

While much of village life is centered around the Church, the Church does not fully meet the needs of the village. In what ways would additional support change the series of events that unfolded?

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