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A liquor store named Gin Gredin. Roughly translated, it's French for gin rogue.

A boy nicknamed Le Moucheron. The Gnat.

Mon Dieu! Oh my god!

mon minet my cat (with affection)

stupide haute connexion (in the given context of the Internet) stupid posh connection

durak idiot (a common Russian insult)

haute odeur de Paris (in this context) the snobish oder of Paris

pissaladière a kind of French pizza

la crête de coq the comb from a rooster (cooked and served as a side dish)

C’est un coup de foudre, non? It's a bolt of lightning, no? (commonly referring to love)

O les filles coquines! Oh those nasty girls!

l’Actrice Rapide The Fast Actress

cara mia my dear (Italian)

Gendarmerie: Unfortunately in France there's a lot of overlap between the National Police and the Gendarmerie. National Police provide police service to large and medium size cities, as well as border control. Gendarmerie handle small towns, rural areas, coastal security, and protect government facilities. Gendarmerie are also better known for their SWAT and riot control abilities, although the French National Police also provide these services. At the risk of over-simplifying things, think of National Police as regular police and Gendarmerie leaning more toward military/robo cops.


Luc Moreau Luke Moro

Marie-Luce Marie-Lucy

Olivie oh-le-VEE

Saint-Jardé sont zhar-day

Henri Maarten on-ree mar-tin

Jean-Michel zhon mi-shell (masculine)

Nice niece (a costal city in south-east France)


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